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December 29, 2013


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So tons of people are doing features of their watchers of fellow friends. After help from kareynomer  I now know how to feature people :D Sorry this time I'm starting with those who featured me, then my watchers, and people on friendslist/people I watch. If you decide you don't want to be in this feature let me know in the comments so I can edit you out. I might some more later  :) 

1. MellowBunBun
<da:thumb id="419573420"/>   Raffle ~CLOSED~ by MellowBunBun <da:thumb id="397136040"/>
2. Bimmi1111
Frog by Bimmi1111 New Life by Bimmi1111 12 Points for Autumn by Bimmi1111
3.  StitchesTheMurderer
Lovers by StitchesTheMurderer   Ballroom
Twirling, twirling
Spinning 'round
Darkness suspended
Gravity bound
Folds of fabric
Wrinkles inside
Lush velvet
How divine
Onyx necklace
Soft and dark
Ice cold metal
Leaves a mark
Lacy fingers
Long and lean
Up to elbows
Suffers from gangrene
Held close
Moving in time
Miss no steps
Swallowed by melodic rhyme
Fine honey hair
Intensely sway
Flowing around
Abrogate dismay
Sweet wine
Candied cake
Sugar treats
A place to meet
A vine of ivy
Crawls up fence
Past the window
With indifference
High above
Monocle in hand
Like a bird, or dove
Quiet chatter
Keep it small
Lightly gossip
Experience this gall
Wine goblet
Filled up high
Men get drunk
They won't act shy
Ladies giggle
Soft, and creep
Shawls lay abandon
Some in heap
Night bestowed
Moon arise
Dawn ensues
Wolf pup cries
   Doctor Neko by StitchesTheMurderer
4. NeuroWaveDamage  
Baldy by NeuroWaveDamage  Untitled by NeuroWaveDamage  WHAT?! by NeuroWaveDamage

5. anyazalia
They make me happy :) by anyazalia  Welcome to my world :) by anyazalia  REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES__DOODLE by anyazalia
6. dancercc13
The Deer Family by dancercc13  Tavvie by dancercc13  My Pupperdog by dancercc13
7. cebinc
<da:thumb id="398361903"/>  <da:thumb id="389498759"/> <da:thumb id="381741513"/>
8. Cyndro
Yuuko by Cyndro  The Three Stooges by Cyndro 
The world can be cruelThe world can be cruel.
Air pollution makes it hard to breath.
Toxic waste kills the ocean.
Oil poisons animal's lives.
Robbery, scandals, and murder thrives here in our cruel world.
Relationships bloom and crumble right before me.
Nothing lasts forever.
There is little calm before the storm.
One moment, happiness, the next, despair.
Why dose life have to be cruel.
9. Societys-Typo
Eevee-typo by Societys-Typo Nom Nom Nom Typeography Pirahna Plant by Societys-Typo Roselia-typo by Societys-Typo
10. Me2Smart4U
R0s3 by Me2Smart4U Ey3W0rdz by Me2Smart4U Chameleon by Me2Smart4U
11. XsaHero
Eagles by XsaHero Zombie Romance by XsaHero Charizard by XsaHero
13. kiera-chan10 
SPN: Castiel Chibi by kiera-chan10 Before And After by kiera-chan10 Prussia And Me by kiera-chan10
14. somadjinn
Coloured Stones III - HDR by somadjinn Ancient Emerald Trail - Exclusive HDR Stock by somadjinn Paining a Rose Red - Exclusive Stock by somadjinn
15.  Spazzygamergirl
Free dream selfy adoptions. (Closed) by Spazzygamergirl  
5 point God Adoptible's by Spazzygamergirl Depresion by Spazzygamergirl
16.  snails1000
Halloween Dragog Adoptable [CLOSED] by snails1000   Floochoote Art by snails1000 Demon by snails1000
17. sadisticcartoongirl 
Distracted Driver Animation by sadisticcartoongirl  Not bad-Just insane by sadisticcartoongirl MissPorcelaiin's Kitty :D by sadisticcartoongirl
18. vulnerate
say the word + we'll go. by vulnerate mystery I by vulnerate tiger lily. by vulnerate
19.  zilyahthemouse
<da:thumb id="409623529"/> 
<da:thumb id="416936113"/> <da:thumb id="418222449"/>
20. MochaziIIa
  <da:thumb id="421662830"/>
21. MochaFury
<da:thumb id="419261640"/> <da:thumb id="419355131"/> <da:thumb id="419541009"/>
22. samdragon57
Cute Chibi Couple by samdragon57 America Dragon by samdragon57 Melted by samdragon57
23. RazielMB
Warrior by RazielMB Dance with Dragons by RazielMB Roses Garden by RazielMB
24. kareynomer
Bountiful by kareynomer The Flip Side by kareynomer The Tall and the Brave by kareynomer
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Societys-Typo Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanksRainbow awesome lick 
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This is really cool!! And I have absolutely no idea how you did this. <?xml:namespace prefix = da />APH: Onion France 

Thanks for including me in the feature!!APH: onion austria 

Abstractioncat Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student General Artist
your welcome Sam :D
somadjinn Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the privilege of including in this feature, I very much appreciate it :)
Abstractioncat Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Student General Artist
your welcome :D
Me2Smart4U Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
WOW what an awesome collection of features... :clap:
thank you very much for adding my work to this wonderful list :boogie:
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